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Most Review sites don't care about their users experience. So they populate reviews just to upsell a product. At BuyWithDiscount, we believe in TRUTHFULLNESS & CREDIBILITY.
Here are our criteria for every product we review and publish on our catalogue:
Market Research
We Research for hot selling and trending products on Amazon, eBay, Walmart and other viral products from Private companies.
Identifying key features
We try as much as we can to identify all KEY FEATURES of the product.
Manual testing & Selecting products
We also check round for similar products from competing companies. Do manual testing for some of the products to confirm KEY FEATURES.
Analyzing reviews
We get few UNBIASED relative buyers' reviews for same products online. This will help your decision making while selecting products to buy.
Publish Product & allow buyers to rate product after purchase
We allow those who purchased products from BuyWithDiscount to rate and review products after purchase. We corelate these data and keep updating the product to maintain user satisfaction. WE ARE YOUR NO 1 PLUG FOR LEGIT & UNBIASED PRODUCT REVIEW.

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